The Goldratt Strategy and Tactic Program for Project Based Environments - a decisive competitive edge

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt



Level of TOC knowledge acquired:



Complete Program: 10 hours
Individual Sessions: 5 of about 2 hours each

Designed for:

Business owners, Consultants, Implementers and Project Managers


Decisive Competitive Edge (DCE), Ever-flourishing, Ongoing Improvement, Project Management and Strategy and Tactics


Critical Chain, Buffer Management and Strategy & Tactic Tree


English, Spanish and Portuguese


Online (, DVD and Download



A road map to bring a project–based company to ever-flourishing

Can an organization achieve very high due date performance without compromising on the project's content or budget... ALL THE TIME?

Yes, and this program provides a ROADMAP to get there! By applying the TOC solution called Critical Chain Project Management, in a structured, well communicated and synchronized way, lead times are immediately reduced, capacity is revealed, quality is increased and therefore companies are able to take on more projects with the same resources, realizing more revenue and rapidly growing in their industry. A truly Decisive Competitive Edge solution.

Resistance to change is usually the biggest obstacle standing in the way of applying these solutions. Dr. Goldratt methodically walks through the necessary elements to understand, intuit and fully experience the Strategy and Tactic for Project-based environments. The S&T was created to show all necessary changes (what, HOW, why and in which sequence) that need to be implemented to become an ever-flourishing company.

The Single User License is ideal:

  • For individual review and understanding of the S&T as applied to a project-based environment.
  • As a self learning tool to understand the what, how, why and when of each implementation element.
  • To understand where and how Critical Chain Project Management fits as part of an overall implementation plan.
  • For learning at one's own speed.
  • To easily review the material, as needed.
  • To prepare for TOC certification .

The Company License is ideal:

  • For group education and understanding of the what, how, why and when of each implementation step.
  • To communicate and synchronize required implementation actions at all levels and across functions.
  • To gain consensus and buy-in from all stakeholders required to bring the company to ever flourishing.
  • As a step-by-step implementation guide.
  • As a reference for implementation progress and deviation identification.


- The Goldratt Strategy and Tactic Program was formerly called the Goldratt Webcast Series -

Setting the stage for a solution

  • People resist change?
  • Setting the criteria
  • Strategy and Tactic
  • Defining the target for a multi-project environment
  • Example Terminal 2000
  • Reducing bad multi-tasking
  • Full kit


  • Building PERTs
  • Building Critical Chain PERTs
  • Staggering
  • Q&A


  • Task Status reporting (expected completion)
  • Task Management (managing according to priorities)
  • Project Management
  • Top Management (portfolio status report)
  • Virtual Drum Adjustments (adjusting to the actual rate of project completion)
  • Dealing with Clients during a project
  • Dealing with sub-contractors

Capitalizing on a decisive competitive edge

  • Reliability Selling
  • Expanding Client Base
  • Load Control (Capacity Elevation - a mechanism to protect sales even as orders increase)
  • Process Of OnGoing Improvement (POOGI)
  • Expanding Capacity - people and equipment
  • Identifying the required resources and increasing capacity to maintain performance

Reaching a Viable Vision

  • Have we achieved our objective?
    • Review the criteria
    • Built to Last / ever-flourishing companies
    • POOGI
  • Viable Vision
    • Build a decisive competitive edge
    • Earning bonuse


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Multiple Users,
Multiple Viewers


Online streaming
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LMS (online access
through an intranet)


1 concurrent access Access on up to 4 devices
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