A Good Strategy & Tactic Tree: Rules, Examples, Typical Mistakes, Exercises with Answers

Jelena Fedurko

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A Good Strategy & Tactic Tree is a detailed guide to assist with understanding and constructing the most comprehensive logical tool – the Strategy and Tactic (S&T) Tree. The same as in her three previous books – Behind the Cloud, 2011, Through Clouds to Solutions, 2013, and Mistakes and Difficulties in Working with TOC Logical Tools, 2014 – in her new book A Good Strategy & Tactic Tree, 2016, Jelena shares her recent developments in the area of working with major TOC logical tools. Jelena’s books are an important contribution to the TOC body of knowledge. A Good Strategy & Tactic Tree is a rigorous textbook that presents rules, examples and exercises in the four areas of constructing an S&T Tree:

  • The content of the entities in the S&T boxes;
  • The relationship between the entities within the same box;
  • The vertical relationship between the S&T boxes;
  • The S&T structure. Jelena is a TOC Expert in tocExpert, International Director of TOC Strategic Solutions, and a co-founder and co-president of TOCPA – Theory of Constraints Practitioners Alliance.

She has worked with companies in the areas of production, project management, supply chain, distribution and retail in more than 15 countries helping with TOC implementations.