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The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the Critical Chain project management solution. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve used Eliyahu Goldratt\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s book, Critical Chain, as a framework to help you understand the main components of the solution. Therefore, this book attempts to be a faithful synopsis of his book. While the synopsis of the Critical Chain chapters in his book are limited to the concepts expressed in Goldratt\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s original text, I added my own observations and interpretations to enhance your understanding. Projects in less time provides an introduction to the ideas introduced by Critical Chain in an easy-to-digest form and then round it out with glossary terms, and reference materials.

According to many project management professionals, Goldratt\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Critical Chain is \\\\\\\\\\\\\\required reading\\\\\\\\\\\\\\. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s thought to be the most significant contribution to project management since the introduction of PERT system and the critical path method.


  • Chapter 1 presents the foundation knowledge. Oded Cohen explains the complete structure and basis for the CCPM application.
  • Chapter 2 builds on this theoretical foundation with an article by Jelena Fedurko explaining how CCPM can be implemented in a large company.
  • Chapter 3’s three articles speak to recent developments in CCPM implementations. Addressing two concerns, first that TOC is too theoretical and, second, that CCPM must be able to handle uncertainty.
  • Chapter 4, recognizing that TOC has moved from the field to the classroom, uses academic case studies to meet the education and training needs.
  • Chapter 5, James Holt deals with three counter-intuitive problems by presenting some simple games that have proved effective in teaching CCPM.

Table of Contents

Editor's Forward
... 005~009

... 010~011

Chapter 1 -

  • CCPM - The TOC solution for improving the management of single projects and the use of the "U" shape for structuring TOC knowledge and developing TOC logistical applications... 015~070
  • Product Development Projects: Guidelines for assessing the potential of new products and the planning of various features in a project... 071~096
  • Chapter 2 -

  • Practical aspects of implementing Critical Chain Project Management-CCPM-Examples of implementation procedures... 099~126
  • Chapter 3 -
    Application Developments

  • Using TOC CCPM S&T Tree to rapidly improve performance of new product development projects: A case study in Taiwan... 129~148
  • A strategic projects management solution developed from Theory of Constraints concepts ... 149~164
  • Exploration of project management to the Machine Tool Industry in Taiwan ...165~196
  • Chapter 4 -
    Academic Case studies

  • Critical Chain Project Management theory and practice ...199~228
  • Experiences consulting companies in Colombia applying the CCPM Goldratt webcast series ...229~256
  • Chapter 5 -
    Teaching tool

  • Project management systems theory taught through games ... 259~290